Friday, September 12, 2008

Stearman Fly-in and Playing Catch-up

I'm a little behind....

Every September, the airport in our little city host the annual Stearman Fly-in. They sit on the field at the airport lined up inrows. And they take to the skies daily, the skies around us are home to these planes for that week. They buzz around, alone in pairs or in formations of four, or five. Despite the trees around our place, we see quite a few of them, and we can always hear them coming. This year I took quite a number of photos of them, I felt very much like a cross between a stalker and a mad woman, I would drive the scenic route home and as soon as I heard the buzzing of one of their engines I'd pull off the road to shoot off a few pictures. I'll admit I missed lots of pictures when I could not get off the road safely. And I did control the urge to try to shoot and drive...

The boys get all excited for Stearman days now that we live south of the airport, because so many of the planes fly over us.

Both last year and this year both the Peoria Air National Guard has brought their C-130 Hercules up to the Fly-in. The boys have been up in the cockpit to look around , they think it is pretty cool.
This year they got to sit in the seat of a Stearman.

They were a little jealous of my Birthday present. My first plane ride ever. The pilot, Cody, asked if I wanted to go any specific direction, and so we flew past the house.
I can see how having a plane and a camera could get addictive and expensive, very quickly. I wonder if I could get free rides if I hung around the airport with my camera and a plate of brownies?

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