Saturday, September 6, 2008

Do you remember the game telephone?

Where you sit in a circle and whisper a phrase to the person next to you and after the information has traveled the circle, you see how much it has changed? Real life isn't much different.

For more than a week now we have had some unexpected guests at our house, Kenny and Dee. Its a long involved and strange story. Suffice it to say the game of telephone and misinformation has played a part. It isn't really a problem to have two extra people around. Although I'm having a darn hard time realizing how much more food two more people can go through. I'm working on fostering my generous spirit, because sometimes I can still be quite grinchy of heart. Usually, it is without good reason. What's one wet towel in the laundry? No big deal. And so what if we have used 4 loaves of bread? It is just bread, and currently, we have it to share.

Kenny has been looking for things to do outside around the place, The day they showed up he found an patched two holes in my fence for me. The next day he finished the chicken pen for my Ameracauna chickens. Over the weekend, he helped Scott rebuild a section of fence. And He has been mowing and weed whacking around the yard in the places that need it. Kenny is one of those people that needs something to do, if he is up he takes the dog out, and feeds the cats and lets teh chickens out. all those things I have to do. Dee is no problem either, offers to do dishes laundry, whatever.

I think my inner grinch has given up. I think it has realized it cant win this fight, because I have realized in a very real way that there is no other choice. We could not, not take in Kenny and Dee, we could not say well sorry, no car, no home, too bad. We just could not do that.

Currently, Scott and a couple of his leased drivers are working on getting a contract to haul wind turbine parts. The blades and the towers. It's a 6 month contract that could pay quite a but of money. We could get out of debt completely if we get this contract. And have $ to start a 401k and college savings for the kids. Please shoot up a prayer for us. This contract would employ Scott, Robert, Kenneth, Kenny and Dee, for 6 months, and pay for a heavy haul truck needed for the job. Plus it would open the door to getting the next contract. Please keep it in your prayers.

Please and Thank You.

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