Saturday, May 1, 2010

Time Flies

when you are having fun.

It flies pretty fast the rest of the time too. Suddenly it is spring again and it promises to be filled with kitty babies. On Monday we walked out the door to find Bling, one of the babies from last year, in the yard with a tiny tiger striped baby, and a very confused look on her face. In a rush we moved her out to the tack shed, where she would be dry and warm. Told her she had a beautiful baby and took off for school.

Bling has spent the week in the tack shed with Tigger, enduring the loneliness of not being at the door for lovin' every single time we open it. She can barely hold still when we visit she wants to be loved on so desperately. Tigger learning to be a velcro kitty while nursing, since Bling moves around so much trying to get us to love on every inch of her.

On the flip side Cuddles is lonely as everyone else is off nesting with babies or nesting in preparation for babies. She is the only one not pregnant, and she spends her time at the doors and windows meowing for company. If I would not get in trouble I'd let her in. One cat in the house is really enough, but it's always tempting to bring someone else inside too.

Tigger is all ready 5 days old and I have only taken one picture of the little critter. I may have to head outside with my camera!