Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The lazy blogger...

That would be me. Totally lazy blogger.

Ithought I'd get to blogging about our adventures getting the alpaca sheared, but I barely got photos, we were just so busy actually getting the animals sheared. I got blasted with spit by the baby... He got my entire front, down my purple tank top and my pants. It was wildly fun. Not. It smelled awful. It always does.

And I haven't done anything yet with the fleece, I need a fleece mentor. I've been looking into owning the Suri alpaca association, but I think they are currently busy, their head quarters is in Estes Park Colorado.

W planted a garden this summer, I really hate to garden alone, and I don't like the heat at all. I definitely need help weeding, of course the hubby needs to weed a bit more judiciously next year. He killed the snap peas.

W have had some good tomatoes, and sweet corn, and green beans. Everything went in late and some things didn't go in at all.  Next year will go better, the hubby says.

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