Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the Boys, fibery creatures.

We bought a couple of Alpacas from a neighbor to our north. Two males,

Bad Karma
and Phenomenon.

The first thing they did was find darn near every burr in the pasture. Scott and I removed what they had picked up in their fleece, and then walked the pasture and pulled the burdock up that was still out there. I had high hopes that that would mean there would be less coming up this spring. HA!

The boys have big beautiful "doe eyes" under all that fluff.

And they have these cute nibbly noses, and it tickles when they eat out of your hands.

Compared to the horses the alpaca are very timid, unless you are the dog or the cat. Karma tree-ed my favorite cat, not long after we got the alpacas, and a couple weeks ago he gave the dog a lesson in who rules the pasture.He can run as faster or faster than Gypsy, and if he'd wanted to stomp all over her he could have. Good for her that he didn't.

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