Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where did my summer go?

So... It has been a long month at my house... Little more than a month ago we had Cub Scout Day Camp. It was fun, but it was a long hot week. Everyday we came home and passed out so we could get up early the next day to be at camp on time. (The heat was brutal.)

On Thursday while my Mother In Law, Kaye, was getting fishing poles ready to come to camp on Friday for Family day, she had a seizure. She went to neighbor's, who called the ambulance, that brought her to the hospital in town and they sent her to the OSF hospital in Peoria. After tests they scheduled her for Brain Surgery on that Monday. The Dr removed a grade 3 astrocytoma. I spent the week driving to and from the hospital; I refer to it as Hospital Camp week. After surgery Kaye was not speaking except to answer questions with yes and no, and her short term memory was pretty faulty. (She could not remember to call a nurse to get help to the bathroom, and she could not remember she was hooked to an iv, and oxygen.)

At the end of the week she was released to a care facility, so she could get speech therapy and be watched for seizures. (She should be going home in about a week) The next week the kids and I spent every day at Vacation Bible School and the Care center visiting Kaye. Plus doing My neighbor's chores (she went to Alaska on a cruise). Long week.

Then the computer refused to boot up on Sunday night. I was mad, then panicked, then sick to my stomach. It went to the computer guy on Monday morning. He called Monday evening to let me know he thought windows was corrupt and my C drive was toast. I had to wait all day on Tuesday to hear back. Yes C drive gone, but L drive ok. (L-drive all uploaded photos. not processed but all originals) What was not backed up from my C-drive was all my downloaded actions, fonts, bookmarks, photos for inspiration, knitting patterns..... Lots of stuff. It's frustrating to have that stuff gone, but.... I have my original photo files and I was not sure I would have those. (bought an EHD when the compy came back and have plans to get a second one within the month.)

The day the computer went to the shop my 91 year old maternal Grandfather went to the hospital with pneumonia. After 10 days in the hospital, a few extra test revealing fluid around the heart, and a mass on his lung(which will not be biopsied or treated) an Atrial flutter that scared us all thinking it was a heart attack; the pneumonia is better and he has gone home. But he is 91, and it's just a matter of time. I have been blessed to have had a wonderful Grandfather like him in my life at all, much less in my life as long as I have. He has been ready to go since Grandma died last March; and I'm not selfish enough to want him to stay on my account.

When I get all crazy and stressed out I pop open a photo and process something new.....

I can't find the Photoshop disk. I have no Photoshop.

A week ago Saturday a very good friend had her baby. I went to the hospital to shoot a few photos of him. (He ended up getting transfered to Peoria; he was too sleepy and the nurses and Dr where worried about him) I can't do anything but print the photos and I had a devil of a time figuring out how to do that! I always print from PhotoShop!

I'm about to loose my mind. I was still using PS7 I never had the $ to upgrade.... and I miss it. I miss it something fierce. I'm about to snap.

So if you got this far..... Thanks for letting me unload.

And put my family in your prayers.

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