Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Congratulations! Its a Boy!

.. and a Girl and Boy and a Girl and a Girl and a Girl. Momma went out hunting over a week ago and never returned. The morning after she left Scott found two babies out of their spot in the hay behind the mower. Hungry, crying for food, and missing momma. I went to get some food and a bottle while Scott and the boys lured everyone else out of hiding.

They are all named Clockwise starting in the left upper corner, we have Buffy, Dirty Girl, BlingBling, Cuddles, Socks and Zig

Zig is the smallest baby.
Dirty Girl is a Clico like her momma, grey and beige They make it know when they are hungry.

And they are good eaters, we weighed everyoen on the 4th of july and on Wednesday this week, four of the babies gained 2.5 ozs and Socks gained 2 and Cuddles gained 3.5Bling is a very meow-y kitten, she has a hight pitched squeak, and she lets you know when she is hungry.

They are exhausting, just like new babies. and I know why god made Momma cats with multiple nipples. No one likes to wait to be fed. On the other hand no one wants to be first to potty either. But that is a whole "nuther" post.

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