Monday, January 19, 2009

Country Mice in the Wicked Windy City

On the coldest day of the year, we went to the city to see Wicked.

Approaching the greater Chicago area, we start to see more cars on the road.

And soon we start to see the city itself. The tall buildings and the haze of the lights and the noise of the cars. There is something special about a big city at night. Something so foreign to us country mice. I've always found it to be a terribly exciting feeling.

In the heart of downtown we pass the Oriental Theater, Our ultimate destination.

We parked in a parking deck; the boys and I looked out at the passing cars and the city lights.

We could see the "L" platform; Ian and Jamie were terribly excited to see the Elevated train.

We passed the theater in search of a quick dinner.
It was hard to think about food!! We returned to the theater. Dazzled by the lights outside, but so very cold.
Inside we were dazzled by the decor of the theater. It was almost as much a treat to see the theater as to see the show.

Once it was ended we headed back into the frozen tundra to the car, I snapped a few photos on the way to the car.

Once in the car with heat full blast we drove around to see the lights, It didn't take long for the boys to crash. Scott and I enjoyed the different-ness of the city.

We drove past the Water Tower.

And we waited at the corner to catch a photo of the fire truck.

Drove around a little bit longer before we headed out of the city.

We did manage to get ourselves a special snack on our way out of Chicago.

A few of them even made it home.

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