Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A day late and a dollar short...

And almost a month behind!!

Its been a busy month with house guests and various goings on. My brother Scotty had a birthday early in the month. The boys and I went to dinner with Scotty, Tiffany, Nana, Poppy and Uncle Glen.

Nana and Poppy brought the kids a couple of Indiana Jones toy Whips that they had found at Walmart, to go with the Halloween costumes. The whips play the theme song, and make the whip cracking noise.

I'm not making Duct tape and Cardboard contraptions for Halloween this year. It's kind of liberating. Sort Of.

However, I do have to take two scary red velvet zoot suit pimp hats and make them brown so the boys look like Indiana Jones, rather than Pimp-diana Jones. Got paint, should be a fun and exasperating experience for tomorrow. Or later tonight...

The neighbor and I have looked into getting hold of a mini-donkey for my house. Mini-Donkeys are coyote stompers. And frankly, I value the kitties more than the coyotes. We have all ready had some kitty disappearances... no evidence of where they went exactly. But my guess is coyotes.

This weekend the kids want to go to Boo at the Zoo. Last year Carol came to visit with her boys and they joined us. Maybe Daddy will make it this year.

On Sunday we have Trunk or Treat at School. It was fun last year. Hope the weather is nice!

That's all for now.. better get dinner made.

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