Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can we follow them, Mommy?

We had a pretty full day on Friday, We had a back to school lunch at school, to meet our new teachers. Except Ian's teacher is not new! Ian was lucky enough to get his Kindergarten teacher, Miss Cross, again for second grade. Ian loves Miss Cross and she adores him. He also is back in class with his buddy Lorenzo, with whom he shared Kindergarten. Unfortunately, his friend Taylor is in the other second grade class. We will have to set up a playdate or two with Taylor.

Jamie has Mrs. Peterson for Kindergarten. I have yet to hear a bad word about her at all. Last year there where only 3 girls in the Pre-K class, this year there are 23 kids in class 13 of whom are girls. And the class is quite culturally diverse. I think that is great for the all the kids but for the girls specifically because no one looks very different from everyone else.

After we spent our lunch time at school, we went to kmart to buy all our school supplies. I don't know what was in the peanut butter sandwiches they had at school.. but I'd have given them away with a bonus of $160 in school supplies if I could have found any takers. Like my Grandmother says, "If you could just bottle that energy."

After our Kmart adventure we went to McDonald's for an early dinner.

Then we proceeded downtown, because the Budweiser Clydesdales were in town. We got to watch as the team was hitched one by one to the wagon, so they could make deliveries to a few places downtown. When they where ready to go, Ian asked if we could follow them around town. I dont know that I said yes exactly, but when the team moved so did the crowd, and so did we.

We got our exercise. The wagon plays the theme song as it rolls along, and the kids where quite excited by the parade atmosphere. I took quite a few photos as you can well imagine, but I have not uploaded any yet. (I'm still writing names on all the school supplies)

After the trip around town we watched the horses get un-hitched, and we visited their temporary home in the old National Guard Armory. And before we left we saw them get their baths.

It was quite the long day. But a very good day.

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